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SYMBIOSIS is an innovative sport/health app focused on strengthening social bonds. The principle is simple, it is about practicing a physical activity live and simultaneously (on any cardio or other device) with family and/or friends (2 minimum and up to 6 participants, each equipped with an iPhone and an Apple Watch), whether you are close or far away from several thousand km. All this by seeing each other, interacting and viewing each other’s real-time data.

To join the SYMBIOSIS community, you first need to sign up and complete your profile, in order for us to best establish the advisable activity level for you.
And what if your favourite guilty treat became your avatar? The hardest thing will be choosing which one?
Next, invite your family and friends to join you.

Now you’re ready to start!
Select the category of the session /game/ match, then your cardio machine, and the friend you wish to challenge. The partners can be using different equipment.
3 game programs are possible:
« Time » : to decide how long your workout will be, « Kilocalories » for the energy output to reach or finally « Cardiac Rate » to set the maximum desired intensity.
Our advice will guide you towards a reasonable goal to reach.
Then you’re on your way! You’re connected to your friend to have a workout and push your fitness levels together!
You can watch the actual display of not only your data but also that of your partner.
Once the set goal has been reached, you can access a read-out of your session and even the number of sweet treats you have eliminated during the workout.

With SYMBIOSIS, physical activity is both stimulating and educational! So, pedal, row, share and push your limits TOGETHER!
SYMBIOSIS, Sharing is everything.


Reasons why you’ll like SYMBIOSIS

Discover SYMBIOSIS, a cutting -edge application which allows you to do a work-out, live and simultaneously with family and friends. SYMBIOSIS is suitable for everyone. There is nothing to stop you using it! Live and breathe your health!
Set up a challenge together and everyone does their personal best workout, while being encouraged and motivated by his or her partner or partners.
You have on the spot access to all your personal data: heart rate, calories expended; distance covered and you can rapidly keep track of your progress.
With SYMBIOSIS, you pedal, row, share and push yourselves, but TOGETHER!
SYMBIOSIS , Sharing is everything !


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Their meeting is, above all, everything , except the fruit of chance.

Like 99% of stories, there is of course an encounter at the beginning! But this one, in many ways, conceals warning signs.
First of all, the two future co-founders came together in the context of a professional relationship, personal sports coach / coached. Very quickly a climate of mutual trust was established between them, reinforced by the similarity of their life paths, their trials and the sharing of very strong common values. Their complementarity was obvious, a friendship was born, whatever happened.

« La symbiose » was created, just like SYMBIOSIS.

From then on, the idea of the concept born 12 years ago, in the head of the president, took on its true meaning. The multiple exchanges and reflections on this project inevitably allowed them to differentiate and specify the real potential that its realization would represent. This idea was open to everyone, regardless of age, level of practice and differences.

Presentation equipe Symbiosis application sport santé connectée

President of SYMBIOSIS, Nicolas Foulquier is a former Strength and Conditioning coach, for nearly 20 years, in professional rugby (France Championship of Top14 & ProD2, the Georgian National rugby Team – 2007 World Cup), French Youth Teams -18 & -16 and with high level athletes. At the beginning, he also spent almost 2 years in New Zealand where he was able to observe and learn from various sports disciplines and prestigious coaches.
The idea of the Symbiosis concept came to him during a cardio training session with his players. The possibility to connect live and remotely would allow him to challenge himself, but also to increase motivation during long rehabilitation sessions. Outside the sports context, his concept was aimed at everyone, also giving wheelchair users the possibility to share a physical activity with everyone and to fight against isolation.

Managing director of SYMBIOSIS, Christopher Vaudout is a graphic and web designer. Following a road accident in 2005, he became quadriplegic and discovered a new world, that of disability. During his rehabilitation, he becomes aware of the multiple difficulties he will have to face, but finds an escape in sport, table tennis. His determination and character will allow him to make it to the French team. He then decided to take on the services of a personal sports coach. The meeting with Nicolas Foulquier happened and marked their professional rapprochement.


To invite a friend, challenge a member of his family, ask him his nickname (with capital letters or not) then go to the menu
If you want to invite a friend, click on “Me”, click on “My Friends” and then invite him/her using the “Invite a Friend” button.
During the installation of the Symbiosis application, a page appears so that you can check off access to Apple Watch data through the Apple Health application.
To check if this is correctly configured, go to iPhone Settings -> Health -> Data access & Devices -> Symbiosis
When you are invited to participate in a Symbiosis game, a notification appears on your iPhone screen and then a red dot appears on the application logo.
If you didn’t click on the notification when it appeared or in the notification center, the invitation can be found in the menu of the Symbiosis application, in “My Sessions” then “My Invitations”.
When filling out the form in “My Profile”, your average and maximum HR are automatically calculated by an approved algorithm, based on the information requested in the form, as well as your weight and height information in the Apple Health app.
You have the option to change or specify your maximum HR in the text field. This will automatically change your average heart rate and allow you to refine your target heart rate when playing in heart rate mode.
In addition, if you wish to customize your HR target during your various games in HR mode (whether by accepting an invitation or creating a game yourself), you can do so by editing it directly in the text field provided.
When you delete your account, all your personal data will be deleted. However, the subscription is independent of the Symbiosis application.
To cancel your subscription, you must go to your Apple account settings (iCloud), then to “Subscriptions” and then cancel it.


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